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The Stoll Brothers by CoffeeOtter
The Stoll Brothers

Let's admit that this is everyone's favourite moment with the Stoll brothers ;') That, and the raiding of Candy stores whilst in the middle of the battle of Manhattan :')

Travis is like "HOW COULD WE HAVE DONE THAT?!" whilst Conner's simply like "Um, oops." 

Can we all take a moment to check out Travis' booty? I'm really bad at draawing booties. But I thought that Travis' is quite exceptional for me :D

So I'm sorta doing a mini challenge of my own - draw as many minor Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus characters as I can.

Only, I don't know who to do first out of the large list! 

So I'm taking suggestions or requests off people! Once the picture I draw you is done, feel free to keep it! 

Buy 'minor' characters, I mean practically anyone but the seven and Nico. So Demigods or Legacies. Gods. Mortals. Creatures and monsters? Some monsters I'm unsure about - but I'll give them a crack :) 

If you click here then it'll take you to the page on my Percy Jackson blog dedicated to this challenge so you can see all the pictures together.
I'll keep updating this if I actually do get requests. Since there's so many characters, I'm afraid for now I'll only be doing one of each. If more that one person requests the same character before I have a chance to do it, then I'll dedicate the picture to all of them. Also, some pictures may contain two different characters if these are usually seen together - i.e. couples - that way I can get through more :) 

Below is the list of characters that have already been taken. The one's which I've finished and uploaded are the one's with the links beside.

  1. Argus
  2. Tyson and Ella
  3. Bianca di Angelo 
  4. Hades and Persephone
  5. Juniper
  6. Khione
  7. Dakota
  8. Zoe Nightshade
  9. Connor and Travis
  10. Octavian and Rachel 
  11. Luke
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Khione - Snow Goddess by CoffeeOtter
Khione - Snow Goddess
So I finished drawing this lovely lady, and I look out the window and it's snowing! Something tells me the snow goddess is pleased ;D Or maybe not, since we have no heating in our house at the minute... maybe she doesn't like it and is trying to freeze me... hm...
Juniper by CoffeeOtter
Don't tell me that the Dryads and Nymphs aren't a bunch of hippies <3 
Yeaaaah.... I realised after I'd finished this that her sign was made of wood... so, like... dead family member? I'm telling myself that she used recycled wood to make it, but still... can't help but imagine the fact it could be a dead dryad. That's what I get for colouring and drawing on how little sleep I've had...

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