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Dork Face by CoffeeOtter
Dork Face
Oliver is the kind of dork face who'd have a hip pack when he isn't working and his just wandering around the town and stuff, with that spell to make it really big inside so he could carry around a lot of potions and bandages and anything he might need. I bet a load of other pups think he looks like a moron, but they soon take that back when he pulls out plasters and cleaning stuff if they fall and graze their knee or something. Especially since he'd probably carry lollipops around as a treat if the pups are brave. I bet Tristan teases him too.

He'd be the kind of person to yell 'IT'S NOT A FANNY PACK!' if ever someone calls it that. 
Bros. by CoffeeOtter
Had no idea what to call this. It was just a doodle :') Another Sam and Riley doodle InuAngeL92 
The Show Must Go On by CoffeeOtter
The Show Must Go On
So the title was gonna be my favourite quote from the Moulin Rouge, then I realised that was "He has a huge talent!" And that would be weird talking about Sam Winchester in that way :'D

SO! I was watching the Moulin Rouge the other day and (other than wondering how I ever managed to watch the film without bursting into a fit of giggles) I remembered Sammy being a theatre kid :') And then I couldn't help thinking about Sam playing the role in the Moulin Rouge and Riley as Satine in like a school play or something :') But then I thought that Riley probably wouldn't have auditioned for a play, especially for a role like Satine since Sam was going for Christian.

But then I started daydreaming, which is always dangerous, and I imagined Riley helping Sam with his lines, so she basically learns them all whilst doing Satine's lines for him. Then show up to his rehearsals for support and help the drama class in other ways, like painting the sets, and organising costumes. Then I can imagine her watching a rehearsal and getting super frustrated because the Satine doesn't even care about the roll, and is just trying to flirt with Sam. So Riley - covered in paint - storms over, shoves the Satine out of the way, and delivers the scene flawlessly. Then she turns to the Satine and snaps something like "And that's how you play Satine!" Before storming back off the stage and going to carry on painting. 

'Course the drama teacher/director sees and hates the fact that Riley hadn't auditioned or she would have nailed that role. 

Still, on the opening night, the Satine is ill or drops out or something so the teacher/director just forces Sam to start his parts and telling him they'll figure something out, heads out and just basically drags Riley backstage and dresses her up because Riley's the only one who knows all the lines and plus there was some crazy chemistry between Sam and Riley when she was showing the other Satine how to do her part. So the 'Diamonds are a Girl's best friend' scene Sam's all slag jawed how he's meant to be but it's half because of how Riley's dressed, and half because he didn't expect her to play the part. 

I'm just imagining really awkward blushy faces during the 'poetry reading' scene in the elephant where Riley basically has to pin Sam to the bed and start undressing him, then has to fake an orgasm thanks to his 'dirty words' because Sam's awkwardness would totally be legit from seeing Riley acting like she wants to jump his bones xD 

And of course the last scene Sammy wouldn't need to act :') It'd be like when they filmed the death scene for all hell breaks loose part one, and Jensen was so upset at the thought of Jared dying that his tears where real and after they yelled 'cut' Jensen just stayed where he was hugging Jared tightly. So yeah, that but with these two. And Riley being like "Uh, Sam? You know I'm not really dead, right?" 

So yeah. I realised these things are like mini fanfics that I have no time to write :') Plus I always share Riley/Sam stuff with InuAngeL92 so sharing again :') 

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